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Where comes our sound from? Here you can see all the artists behind the music. (in alphabetical order) Listen their tunes...



Melodic Dance music is the great love of Denis Pfeiffer, the universally talented Trance and Dance producer from Leipzig, Germany. Since his youth Denis is caught by the music fever. He started producing with one of the milestones of digital music production: The Commodore Amiga with the well-known "Ultimate Soundtracker". Meanwhile, the technology has become more sophisticated and Denis' style was more stable and steadily improved. Denis now can look back on releases on various labels worldwide. In particular, his powerful and melodic Trance tracks have been broadcasted on the radio all over Europe and beyond.



In 1996 Martin started with his first steps in producing. Before he got a computer, he bought a first sequencer. After a few years Martin got familiar with producing and created some big tunes. He shared his tracks with other producers and used their reviews to improve his skills track by track. In 2007 he got his first releases on Clubland Records and started a collab with Frank Wiese from “Avancada”. Further releases and remixes on different labels enriched his experience in electronic music. In 2011 begun a new chapter as – meanwhile well-known - “Martin Decay”!



Shinson is a german record producer from Celle, which is located near Hannover. Since the year 2008 he works extensively with his own music and remixes other musicians. His main style is Trance but he also creates tracks in the Chillout and House genres. Shinson's first releases appeared on the Seattle (US) based label Appointed Recordings. He invests a lot of time and emotion into his work, which you can hear on the first seconds.

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Tunes 4 Senses is a small and independent record label based in Leipzig, Germany. Independence and flexibility are not just words, but the signs of our times! This credo follows Tunes 4 Senses Records, supporter and supplier of modern electronic music in the genres of Ambient, Chillout, Dance, Electro, House and Trance.

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